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Sally RichardsSally Richards is the mother of Tim, Duncan Jackson and Lewis. She used to teach English as a Second Lanugauge to adult migrants but has now retired.

She has also largely retired from disablity advocay and activism but will still  contribute to panels, workshops, forums and conferences as requested. Her most recent work was as an invited participant on the Specialist Disability Accommodation Industry Advisory Group in June 2016.

In 2012, Sally spoke at the TEDxCanberra conference. Her talk was entitled: "Creating A Meaningful Life for Jackson". You can watch it on the TEDxCanberra website, YouTube or below.

In her disability-focussed life, she has presented at national (Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne) and international (Ottawa and Hawaii) conferences. She has organised and presented at forums, workshops and seminars in Perth, Brisbane, Albury, Ballarat, Sydney, Nowra, Canberra plus others. She has, among other things, a Bachelor of Education, a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment and has completed Professional Writing (Editing) at the University of Canberra.

Family Leadership and You (FLY)

Sally used to run Family Leadership and You (FLY), a pilot project in which she worked with a small number of ACT families to start creating a life of possibility for their family members who have a disability. She resigned from this and all other things to do with disability (except for being Jackson's mother from which she has no chance of resigning ...ever) early in 2010. She became thoroughly disilluisioned with the disability industry and decided to fight from outside the system rather then try to change things from the inside. This included resigning as community co-chair of Disability ACT's Strategic Governance Group and board member of BLITS (Business Leaders Innovative Thoughts & Solutions). She continues to work with a small number of families voluntarily.

Articles by Sally

Sally writes frequently for a range of local and national newsletters and newspapers. A selection of her articles is below:


Jackson and Sally