Benambra Intentional Community Relationship Building Weekend Print
Written by Tim West    Wednesday, 22 April 2015

On Friday 17th April 2015, 33 people made their way to Murramurang Beachside Holiday Park at South Durras Beach

They were Benambra Intentional Community residents and people who support the community in a variety of ways plus their families. It was a fabulous turn out with only a few people unable to come mostly because of illness.


We arrived on Friday night and stayed until Sunday. The weather was not sunny but it was pretty damn fine and no need to worry about sunburn. Perfect for walking and exploring and not too cold for swimming.

As Karen and I prepared the bar-be-que on Saturday evening and looked at the rather large group assembled around us and around the food, wine, soccer balls, laughter and even leeches (just a few) we said to each other: “Look at the people who have gathered here because of Jackson, Dan and Ben. This is more than fantastic and everything we had dreamed of.”

We are so thrilled to have the intentional community established and we find that building stronger relationships with everyone in the community is a real joy.

We are so grateful for the friendship and support of all the people who live in the community and all the people who support the community in very many ways.

We have decided to make this an annual event. We will need to find the money but one way or another we will. It was too valuable a week-end to let it only happen once. 


- Sally Richards

April-2015-Murramurang-Breakfast-in-the-dining-room April-2015-Murramurang-Friendly-kangaroo April-2015-Murramurang-Fun-at-the-beach April-2015-Murramurang-In-the-resort-pool April-2015-Murramurang-Karen-and-Sally-on-headland-walk April-2015-Murramurang-Relaxing-on-the-verandah April-2015-Murramurang-Verity-and-Sally-on-headland-walk April-2015-Murramurang-Waiting-for-a-sausage